69th OMEP World Assembly and Conference

Ana Sayfa/69th OMEP World Assembly and Conference
69th OMEP World Assembly and Conference 2017-03-26T01:03:35+03:00

69th OMEP World Assembly and Conference

Dear OMEP friends,

It is my honor and pleasure to welcome and greet you all on the behalf the Croatian National Committee of World Organization for Early Childhood Education. Croatia is host to the 69th World Assembly and International Conference.

Currently, Croatia is one of the youngest members of OMEP, but its connection to OMEP is a long lasting one. More than fifty years ago Zagreb hosted the World conference of OMEP. With great pleasure, we all remember two distinguished Croatian pedagogues who took part in the activities of OMEP: Staša Jelić and Tatjana Marinić, the latter of which became one of the first honorary members of OMEP, and after whom a kindergarten in the center of Zagreb was proudly named.

Throughout the history of early and pre-school education many of pedagogic professionals have given their contribution to both theory and praxis. Owing to them, we have the right to say that early and pre-school education in Croatia has kept the pace up with the world’s best ones.

I hope that you will take contribution and discover early childhood education in Croatia and all over the world.

Adrijana Višnjić Jevtić
OMEP Croatia

For more information: http://www.omep.hr/call_for_papers.html