UNESCO Forum- Kapsayıcı Eğitim ve Adalet için Cali Taahhüdü

Ana Sayfa/UNESCO Forum- Kapsayıcı Eğitim ve Adalet için Cali Taahhüdü
UNESCO Forum- Kapsayıcı Eğitim ve Adalet için Cali Taahhüdü 2019-10-14T17:58:19+03:00

UNESCO Forum- The Cali Commitment to Equity and Inclusion in Education

Dear Participants,

We hope this email finds you well. It has been almost a month now since the meeting in Cali.


We are excited to share with you the final Outcome Statement ‘the Cali Commitment to Equity and Inclusion in Education’ (https://unesdoc.unesco.org/ark:/48223/pf0000370910) and we encourage you, our participants, to share this statement widely amongst all your networks. We also encourage you to visit our website where you will find articles, publications and multimedia resources of the Forum.


You can also find the article regarding the Forum in Cali here: Every learner matters: A renewed drive for inclusion in education in Cali


As it was mentioned during the Forum, before the end of the year UNESCO will publish an elaborated document by Professor Mel Ainscow that examines the past, present and future in relation to the ideas presented in the Salamanca Statement. The publication will be based on the discussion paper that was shared in the Forum website under ‘More information’. You are invited to make suggestions on how the paper can be strengthened and to send us any good practices that could be highlighted in the publication.


As you could see in the Forum’s website, UNESCO has launched with the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education a website called Inclusive Education in Action (IEA), which presents a range of key resources on inclusion and equity in education and a collection of important and interesting case studies from around the world. These case studies can be used as a resource for international policy-makers who are working to develop equity and equal opportunities within education systems globally. Case studies are added regularly to the IEA website. We are welcoming new case studies from all regions and countries presenting material on key policy development in the move towards inclusive education. Please find our open call for case studies here, and submit your proposal for a case study.


Finally yet importantly, we will be very happy to receive any information from your side on how the recommendations of the Forum were taken forward in your country/organization to advance the right to inclusive and quality education for all.


Thank you again for your active contribution in the Forum and we look forward to our continuous cooperation.


With our best regards,